Clean up after sanding?

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Clean up after sanding?

Post by NIKwithoutaC on April 10th 2012, 12:24 pm

Hey guys, new member here, first post.

I've begun prep for my first roll on paint job, and something I've been having problems with is managing the dust after sanding. I am painting a black car black again, so I am just sanding the original paint and rolling over that. What do you guys do to clean up after sanding? I've tried wiping it off with a rag soaked in mineral spirits, but it just seems to smear around the dust and leaves streaks all over the car. Advice?

Also, any good advice for rolling over existing paint without using primer? Is it necessary to sand until I get a completely uniform satin finish? I keep hearing people talking about "scuffing" or "scratching" the existing paint, which makes it sound like all is needed is a light go-over with the sand paper.

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