About to take the plunge! Help needed :scratch:

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About to take the plunge! Help needed :scratch:

Post by DonTanTilla on May 22nd 2012, 5:51 pm

Ok, for a start i'm living in the UK, I am rolling a 1997 VW Mk3 Golf.

There's a tiny bit of rusting aroun the arches, main reason for rolling is I want a cheap colour change.
Car cost me 550, i'm not payin the same again for a respray.

I know nothing about cars so rather than taking things apart there will be a lot of taping, unless I won't get away with it?

0)Sand off tiny bits of rust (do i need to treat these or will the Rusto work its magic?)

1)Tape the car.

2)Wipe down the car with lacquer thinner using a lint-free cloth?
(From what i've gathered, because the paint on there is pretty good, it is a navy metalic factory original spray, that sanding down other than the few rust patches isn't really necessary? or is that wrong?)

3)Prime the car? As I said i'm in the UK so will be using this as I need to prime the car first??
Rust-Oleum-Combi-Adhesion-Primer its on the RawlinsPaint website, im a noob so can't post a link Sad

(should i put it on quite thick? i heard ill be sanding it anyway so will help get rid of scratches etc, but there is no mention here that this primer should be put on thick or can be sanded down??)

4)Mix my paint, I will be using this paint
Rust-Oleum-CombiColor-Gloss also from RawlinsPaint

(undecided on colour yet, probably a bright lime green type colour, or ironman red and gold, undecided lol)

I thin the paint with white spirit correct?

50/50 ratio? 60/40 ratio, i'm not sure here??

5)Foam rollers. I need high density rollers correct? How many should I use per layer/how often should I change?

6)Let first layer dry. 12-24 hours later do second coat.

7) Use 600 grit wet sand paper, remove orange peel, saw a video on here and the guy shows how to do it, looks quite hard but he seemed confident an idiot could do it lol

Gonna just do as the man says...? Saw somewhere use a squeegy to help remove the peel also? But the guy did spray it so maybe that doesnt apply?

Cool 2 more coats then 800 grit, 2 more then 1000, keep doing 2 coats then wet sanding till i work up to 2000 grit and have done around 12 coats?

Miscellaneous questions.

Do I need to add a hardener or anything else to my paint?
How much paint and white spirits, rollers etc do I need. Would be more than happy to go off of someones estimates as I have no clue with any of this.
Do I need to do anything after I have finished painting such as buffer or coat the car in anything else?

I have read through many of the articles on here and after a week of reading this is where I am at. I havent so much as painted a garden gate, but if i go at this with a positive attitude i should be ok right?

I've numbered each step so people can help on certain parts easier, I appreciate giving advice is probably a pain as it is.

Any help I receive here will be brilliant.

I tried to make this as readable as possible. I know its a little disjointed and poorly put together, I hope you guys can see through the mess and read it ok.

Looking forward to any replies I get. Thanks in advance guys! thumbs up


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Re: About to take the plunge! Help needed :scratch:

Post by retired plumber on May 23rd 2012, 10:33 pm

You have to remove the rust or use a rust converter first.
DON"T use lacquer thinner to wipe the car down. It will come back and bite you. I know this from experience. Use alcohol or mineral spirits. The first thing you need to do is wash the car with dawn dish soap.
The entire car need to be sanded. That gives the new paint something to adhere to. It doesn't need to be too much tho, just break the shiny surface.
It doesn't matter how thick you put on primer. You just don't want it really thick. most of it will get sanded off anyway. Also primer is NOT to be used as scratch filler, just small sanding scratches. If you can feel it, primer won't work. There are several products made for that.
Most here use a 50/50 mix
The squeegy is used to remove moisture when you are sanding so you can see your progress. You will understand when you try it.
Others will chime in here also. Some like hardner, some like a acetone mix. You have a small car but I would still advise you to get 3 quarts of paint so you have enough for mistakes and touchups later on, especially if you try to make your own color. Buffing will depend on how the car comes out and what you are happy with.
Hope this helped. I will leave you with one last thought..........You are trading sweat equity for money. This is not easy. I am sure as you read here, people have had various problems but they usually end up happy and, yes a positive attitude is VERRRRY necessary. If you have more questions or problems come back and ask and we will be happy to help.
Good luck.
retired plumber
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