What would happen if you spill gas on a Roller Paint Job?

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What would happen if you spill gas on a Roller Paint Job?

Post by roller painter on April 30th 2013, 7:36 pm

I had done a long search on this subject, but i could not find any answers. So here is the question: Have any of you ever spilled Gasoline on a Cured Rustoleum ("Stops Rust" Brand and/or Rustoleum "Professional" Brand) Alkyd Enamel Roller Paint Job, that was painted (without) using a Hardener? Did anything happen to the Paint? The reason that I ask this question is: Sometimes when you finish adding gasoline to the gas tank at a gas station, a few drops will spill from the gas pump nozzle on to the paint. I know that some of you have used Marine (Alkyd) Enamel Paints, and some of you have used Valspar (Alkyd) Enamel Paints too. So I would want to ask you too about your experiences with spilling gasoline on those paints too.
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