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Oregon Also

Post by 3bvert on May 30th 2013, 12:01 pm

Hello form Oregon.
I will be rolling paint on my car here in the next few weeks. The car is a 91 bmw 318 convertible. Black on black on black. thus my name 3bvert ( triple black convertible)
Up until two months ago the car was near perfect and the paint was good, it is not a clear coat car. 2 months ago my son slid it into a snow bank after spinning it around ( bad tires, hit ice). Damaged to the front, front right fender and trunk lid and lots of scratches. So me( being on a limited income and  retired) and my son not wanting to get insurance involved...the project will begin. He has already bought all the parts to fix the body ( used) . But before I get started painting IM gonna rebuild the rear suspension, and do some engine work, so Im not gonna paint until that is done. As part of his "payment" he bought all the parts to do the suspension if I would take care of the painting. I have sprayed many cars/trucks/motorcycles in my past. But where I live now I don't have acess to a good place to spray and no longer have the equipment. Plus, since rolling is time and labor intensive,,,,time and labor I have plenty of.  This wont be my first rustoleam car in black. My first one was a 1960 triumph TR-3 that I sprayed in the 70,s. The paint still looked good 20 years later when I sold it ( took care of it with wax etc). I tired a rattle can of rusto black under the trunk lid where paint has not been faded over years, and its a pretty near match....close enough
Anyway Ive been reading lots about the roller painting on this and other forums, so IM gonna do it. Ill have questions Ill put in the correct forum places. Ill post pics when I can of before and after.
So I apologize in advance if I ask questions that may have been asked before, I will use the search


side note...my son is skeptical...but if it works out ,as I know it will, then he wants me to redo his dodge dually pickup

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Re: Oregon Also

Post by Ian67 on June 4th 2013, 8:29 am

Welcome! I look forward to seeing your progress, especially with the black on black. I'm about 2-3 days away from rolling the black on my Camaro so take a look at that thread as I've asked a ton of common questions and I'm still asking years later. T.Hadley has a wicked black car project ("1976 Mustang Cobra") too that shows body and mechanical work and good info on rolling. Lots of seasoned rollers guiding us here. Good luck!


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