Fish eye?

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Fish eye?

Post by Louisw on September 7th 2013, 2:40 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm restoring a 1974 triumph spitfire but have recently bought some High build zinc phosphate red oxide primer.
I have been grinding off the old rust and paint from the bodywork and bondoing where necessary. To clean the surfaces prior to painting I used soap and water with brillo pads then dried with kitchen roll/micro fibre cloths.

I didn't thin down the paint as I thought it was "thin enough" with decent coverage (it was dripping off the stirring rod straight out of the tin). However when it was going on I was putting a decent amount of paint into my roller before applying it onto the car but when it went on it didn't seem to bubble it instead just left a "textured" coat on the paint which looks like fish eyeing but I don't know if it is.

This paint literally dries in about 2 minutes from putting it onto the car if not sooner.. Does it need thinning down to get less coverage but more even paint job?

I have tried sanding down the paint today but however smooth I can get it to touch I can still see the little indentations in the paint. (Took me ages just to get it smooth to the touch because of the paint type)

The white bits you can see is the dust from sanding that's packed itself into these little indentations. Am i able to paint over these in order to fill the gaps once thinning down the paint or does it need completely flatting back??

Sorry for all the questions but hope you're able to help me.

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