clearing up some things

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clearing up some things

Post by yfzrunner on September 26th 2013, 10:38 am

Ok guys i am looking to do my 95 civic. Just got a couple of quick question and if there is some roll on master i can message or text by phone during the process would be great.I plan on using a marine paint a 1 stage poly like interlux bright side. They say there the best with uv and hardness.

So for the questions:

1. Can i roll over sanded rustoleum automotvie rattle can primer.

2. My car is teal green civic how can i get that color match.

3.Is it true the interlux come ready to paint out of can with mineral spirits already pre mixed.

4. The car came with im guessing a 2k primer on one side and its a dark primer should i sand it and hit that with the gray rattle can primer before i roll..

5. What is the best marine paint brand for a car to be rolled on im guessing interlux
or is there other ones that are as good.

All the input is appreciated thanks

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