Restoleum air gun paint mixture ratio help plz

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Restoleum air gun paint mixture ratio help plz

Post by tawas23 on March 25th 2014, 9:28 pm

Well new to the site and have a golf cart I painted with a spray gun rustoleum gloss black ..wondering if I could get some info on repainting it again gloss black and wanted to find more info about how to prep and mixing ratio ...last paint job came out good but this time going for more gloss ..keep in mind its a golf cart and wanted a shine better than last paint job ..can I just sand and repaint without going to crazy with prep work being a gloss blk paint is already there??? and whats a good mixing last paint mixing was acetone and gloss blk just so my mixing stick dripped for 3 seconds then stopped guess of what ratio that was ..any good info would be appreciated thanks in advance..can anyone tell me the correct spray mixture I should use paint to MS please..and will just taking the shine off the existing paint be ok for prep work???

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