Shaving 2000 Camaro bumper

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Shaving 2000 Camaro bumper

Post by silent_soul on May 1st 2014, 7:54 pm

I have alot of lows on my 2000 camaro propylene bumper. I sprayed Krylon Rust tough enamel primer on it, and wetsanded. I now see the lows and was going to add flexible bumper filler ontop of it(3m brand)

I am going to repaint the bumper and whole car to be honest as I dont have the money to do a proper booth paintjob.

Is it ok for me to leave the enamel primer and put flex filler ontop then add primer ontop the repairs then paint?

I attached a picture of the bumper, red is the primer, green is the filler plastic, black is the bumper plastic, and white is the old paint.


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