Help - 2nd coat acts like paint stripper

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Help - 2nd coat acts like paint stripper

Post by Kokain on October 6th 2017, 12:56 pm

I'm so mad, entire day of work ruined because of what happened. I'm painting several items at the same time and after mixing my paint as usual I started on the 2nd coat on the wheels. As soon as I applied the paint right in front of my eyes the old coat started cracking and it end up in my brush as particles. I don't know what's wrong and whats causing this reaction. The 1st coat was the done the day before and it was pleasure applying it nice and thin. My normal mix is paint, 10% hardener, and 30-40% thinners. The brush on this coat felt especially sticky than usual and even thinning it more didn't help. In fact might have made it worst. Instead of trying to chase the problem for me, can anyone tell me what the symptoms are for adding too much hardener, too much thinners and maybe I can try and figure it out from there...
Now I have to sand this mess. Interesting thing is when I used the black paint on my other project it didn't suffer from any of this issues. I really want to find out what the cause is...

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