Old-Roller here ;)

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Old-Roller here ;)

Post by tycar on December 10th 2007, 1:28 am

hey guys

I'm Rob. I first saw this info through a friend on automotiveforums.com, linked to the mopar site everyone else seems to have heard it from. I then used it to re-paint my 99 sentra gloss black. I'll admit I didnt have the time or place to roll it on myself as I am a college student. So I used the same ideals and using a friend's garage, I bought a $15 spray gun at Harbor Freight and sprayed the bucket black! Not having the best knowledge of spray techniques it turned out a little less perfect than planned, however, after the final painstaking hours of wetsanding and polishing, I got the beast to sparkle. I'll get pictures up whenever I get the chance.

While this is really a forums for rolling on the paint, etc, I will say that a little bit of borrowing (a garage, and an air compressor in my case) you can still do the project for under $50 even after buying an HVLP Spray Gun. Now with a little experience, I have no doubt that i could get professional results if I do a few things differently.

Once finals are over for me in the next few days I'll post a write-up about spraying vs rolling. I might also be spraying a few parts on my newly acquired MR2 so we'll see what I can come up with as far as pics.

glad there is a dedicated site now! Now I can give great links to everyone else I know in the auto industry!


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Re: Old-Roller here ;)

Post by Matt on December 10th 2007, 7:33 am

Nice, i'm glad you like the forums. Let me know if I can improve on anything.

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