BRIGHTSIDE Paint - Just Read the can!

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BRIGHTSIDE Paint - Just Read the can!

Post by cyberized on March 14th 2008, 1:40 pm

I am painting my Elky with Brightside paint and have been following my notes from the HUGE Mopar Thread and tips from this site on how and when to sand in this process.
Most were in agreement that different from using Rustoleum you do NOT have to sand after every other coat and many I followed did not sand at all after they started rolling on
the coats of paint. This was my PLAN - BUT - today I read the directions ON THE Paint CAN and they say to lay down 2-3 coats of paint sanding in between with 320 Grit. WOW!
Could not believe me eyes after everything else I had read.

I just laid down my 2nd coat of Lt Blue but I HAD to sand before that one bcause I had a little bit of orange peel but I used 400 and 600.
I guess after reading that that I will at least go over my 1st coat of Dk Blue with 400 wet sand prior to laying on the 2nd coat.

The other thing.......I had planned, like many, putting on like 7-8 coats above and 6 coats below,,,,,,,,BUT...........I have been able to lay on smoothly a little more paint than I see in those photos of 6 coat jobs..........I think mayybe 3 coats might be the equivalent of maybe 6 light coats the way I am going????

TIP - - - - I think, before storing my "bubble popping" roller, I kind of rinsed/washed it out several times in thinner........then next time I used it therefore it was not dry but lubricated some with the thinner and I really think that it Popped the Bubbles much better/faster than my first time around.

ROLL ON - Michael

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Re: BRIGHTSIDE Paint - Just Read the can!

Post by ddavidv on April 8th 2008, 10:26 pm

I used Brightside on my BMW. I sanded between each coat except one. I found it was much easier to see where I had painted and where I had not with the sanded finish. Brightside is also so glossy the roller may want to 'slide' on the unsanded surface. Finally, I felt the sanding gave the paint better adhesion for each coat...maybe I'm just being overly cautious, but I think it's better to give it a surface to 'bite'. I did get totally sick of sanding by the time I was done, even what little it took to do it!

I can't remember exactly how many coats I did. I think it was 4 or 5. Certain colors will cover better than others, and it also depends on what color you are painting over.

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