1991 MR2 turbo Paint Brush Job

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1991 MR2 turbo Paint Brush Job

Post by jbudi101 on March 18th 2009, 11:36 pm

What's up everybody I'm new to the board. Stumbled upon this site through MR2oc.com

So the first day I got my car I was cruising along in a parking lot and got rammed by some stupid sorority girl. I've finally got around to buying a fender and replacing it but it is the wrong red. I weighed my options for getting it painted at a body shop, buying a spray gun and doing it myself, orrrr rolling/brushing it on. Being unemployed the last option seemed to jump out at me. With Patrick's (Miach) wealth of knowledge and suggestions I committed to it and here's what I've got so far.

Went to a local paint shop and had them mix me up a pint of 3J6 crimson red with some reducer and hardener which cost me $50.

-Paint $50 for a pint of crimson
-Sandpaper of various grit (320-1000)
-Two 3" foam paint brushes from Wal-mart ($0.46 each)
-latex gloves
-measuring cup
-Blue painters tape (milder adhesive)
-Sanding block

My crunched fender

Here is the color difference with the new fender

I started off by sanding the fender till smooth with 320 grit. Then gave it a good rinse with water and a damp towel to get all the dust off.

Taped off the areas surrounding the fender and put a trash bag over the tire.

Then the paint was mixed 4 parts paint, 1 part hardener, 1 part reducer. I dipped the brush about halfway down and let the excess drip off. Then started applying long strokes along the length of the fender. (I poured 4 oz. which turned out to be waaay to much for the first layer so I went ahead and scuffed up the lips and painted those. I would recommend mixing 1 oz. portions for each layer if you are doing small sections)

Here's where I am now, at one layer. It is a pretty thin so the brighter red still shows through. There are some brush strokes but overall I was very impressed at how evenly the automotive paint spread with out any bubbles. It also dried very fast. Mind you this is the very first coat, no sanding, polishing or anything so it may seem a little dull. I plan on putting around 3-5 coats


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Re: 1991 MR2 turbo Paint Brush Job

Post by retired plumber on March 19th 2009, 12:29 pm

Don't you just hate that when it happens (the accident). Thanks for the info about auto paint. The problem with rusto is the ability to match colors. It is fine for a total repaint.
I just bought a 96 ranger and the paint on the truck is good but the matching canopy needs to be painted so I will be using auto paint for that. It will be an experiment also because it is metallic so we will see how it works with the roller/brush strokes. If it turnes out ok I plan to put some metalflake graphics on it, also with a roller.
Good luck with the fender and keep the pictures comming.
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