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Post by zander on March 23rd 2009, 5:36 pm

How goes it all? I heard about the moparts thread like 3 or 4 years ago, have been keeping up with the thread on Honda-tech and Team-integra.net about it, and keep hearing people say to me "have you heard about rolling paint on?" I did a little practice with this method two summers. Did an okay job, but figured I'd just save my money and spray it one day. Well, that was two summers ago, and my car is still primer grey and scuffed OEM paint. My roommate ran across this site the other night, mentioned it to me, and has now motivated me to go through with it again (even though I am going to school to be a auto body tech, lolz).

Here's what I am working with

definitely seen better days and needs a makeover. I haven't gone to Lowe's to choose the color.

Here's my plan for this project. I live in an apartment and they tell us to not work on our cars. **** that. We're going to take the bumpers, the fenders, and the hood and paint it on our porch out back. The rest of the car will get painted in my schools parking lot or at some large parking lot with no cameras and where cops or security gaurds won't bother us, ha.

Hope I get to share some of my experiences and keep you all updated.

btw, Matt, I'm from Louisville. KY FTW!! How bout dem Cards??

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