what orange peel looks like

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what orange peel looks like

Post by retired plumber on April 19th 2009, 10:01 pm

This picture is the top of my canopy with the dreaded orange peel. As you can see I have started sanding. What I want to call your attention to tho is the edges where I have sanded (the dull darker areas). Do you see the minute lighter spots in the dark area? That is orange peel. When the area sanded does NOT have those spots the o.p. is gone. It all depends on how smooth you want it. It will all buff and shine but the itty, bitty pits that aren't sanded out will show. I know its a lot of work but you came this far..........Of course your arm might have something to say also lol! . I have also come to realize that there is a place to say thats enough.

Anyway, this is what you will see during the process of sanding. This was sanded with 800 grit to this point (lower left) for a quick cut and then went over again with 1500 grit.
This is for the final sand before buffing. The way I do it is 800 grit down to very fine o.p. and then take the op out with 1500 grit. This way you sand the tops down fast using o.p. as a gauge and finish with 1500 and don't get sanding scratches. I hope this helps understand sanding a little more.
I should also say, this is with a sanding block which is hard. Some people use a sponge so they can squeeze water out of it as they go but the sponge WON"T cut orange peel because it follows the surface where as the sanding block sands down to level. To get o.p. to go away YOU MUST USE A SANDING BLOCK.
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