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Post by stang_krazy on April 4th 2010, 12:04 am

After easter dinner with the family & hunting easter eggs with the kids this evening we went to a couple auto part stores and K-mart looking for some half-way decent micro-fiber towels for cleaning door jams and such, the wally world micro-tex micro-fiber towels are a joke! The advance auto parts micro-fiber I just can't seem to make the buy and same goes for auto zone.

So we stoped by K-mart and they had the viking brand, didn't really care for them either but have 3 or 4 details in the this coming week so can't be to picky, was going to get the 12 pack for $9.99 but then seen over towards the corner section that they had some car care stuff reduced alittle so I love bargains and checked it out.

First thing I seen was some yellow micro-fibers down on the bottom shelf, they was the 3-pack premium micro-fibers for $7.00 down from $9.99 so I grabed a pack and checked them out. Actually they wasn't to bad, they had the size I like to work with which is the 16''X24'' and simular to my meguiars supreme shine micro-fibers. Was heavy wieght-thick and plush so I thought why not, bought a pack and just got them washed and dried on low heat and they feel pretty good, man are they thick and plush may go back and get 3 more packs?

Here's the micro-fiber towels if any one's interested in looking for a better micro-fiber towel around there area instead of having to order a quality micro-fiber because 99% of the china micro-fiber towels are garbage and I don't even like to use them for door jams! As you can see these too are the viking brand and also made in china but at least 100% better then what I've seen in all the department stores, haven't tried the target brand (vroom) micro-fibers but heard there pretty good, will let you now next time I get a chance to go by a target.

Also had a gentlemen bring 4) GM 4X4 turck rims by to see what I could do for them and needed something other then the red mothers power ball that I have, so when I picked up the micro-fibers I also seen this on the next shelf up and thought I would give it a try since it has a different texture(like the flitz balls that has a fiber that wont tear like foam) that's better for a cleaning/cutting step for aluminum/chrome rims. The soft foam on the mothers power balls isn't really good for the cleaning/cutting steps for neglected/nasty rims just more or less for a final polishing after using something like the flitz or maybe this black magic bullit wheel polishing tool I got tonight.

Will do a write-up/review on this polishing tool on the 4x4 rims in the next week or so. Here's the polishing tool I'm talking about.
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