Going to spray my car and I need some help

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Going to spray my car and I need some help

Post by einarborg1 on May 10th 2010, 4:52 pm

Hi, im a first time writher but long time reader and Im going to spray my VW Golf GTI MK2, im going to be doing it in Tornado RED as its the color of the car now, but if it goes well im going for a shaved engine bay by 2012 and will go whit another color then but for now red will do.

Now I have the equipment for a spray progect so I want to go that rout with it, but the info I got for the "Affordable Paintjob" and it being sprayd is not so good (my opinion).
I did read some of the Mopar threds but 200 pages worth of reading and no real good info on the spray teqnice.

now I got the prep work down, just the same as for the rolled job = All imperfections in body and prep will show in the end result.

now for the spray part Im going to spray the car with filler/primer first and get the body and prep in as good a shape as posibel.
then go for the entier car with 400grit papper befor paint.

the Qs I have are:
1. the paint gun preshur, are they any diffrent then with "regular" car paints? (at the gun, and at the compresor)
2. the mixing rashio of paints to miniral spirits when using a spray gun, I have seen the numbers from 20% upto 40% miniral spirits agenst the paint.
3. The spraying it self, how are the coats sprayd, not the gun work, but do I spray 1 coat and wait til dry and then another or do I laydown one and wait the flash time and put down another one the same day. Then do I just put the next coat over the second without wetsandind or do I wet samt and re-mask evry thing.
4. How many coats do I have to put down (just a ballpark) now that the paint is a littel thicker then the orginal 50/50 mis in the roller job.
5. Is ther any thing I need to put into special considoration when I spray paint using this method that I have not put in this thread.

All the help I can get is going to be a good adision to my paint job so dont be shy to coment on this if you have any info on the mater.

SUPER big THANKS form Iceland
AND a BIG sorry for the spelling...

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Re: Going to spray my car and I need some help

Post by retired plumber on May 11th 2010, 7:17 pm

Welcome einarborg1
http://rolledon.forummotion.com/projects-f2/sprayed-rustoleum-gloss-white-honda-crx-t523.htm try this link I think I answered most of your questions here. As for the mix ratio, I would start at 3 paint to 1 thinner and go from there. There is a learning curve for spraying but remember you can't really mess it up beyond repair which means just sand and redo. Spraying with primer will be good practice and will teach you a lot. Number one thing to remember is KEEP MOVING THE GUN. Laughing Number two is relax and have fun. Have any more questions just ask.
Your English is better than a lot of ours lol.
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