planning to roll...

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planning to roll...

Post by sherbasm on August 20th 2010, 11:06 am

new to all this but have been doing research and there's a ton of different i'm trying to get more from experienced Brightside users.

I'm planning on painting (roll & tip method) during my break between fall/spring semester here in Virginia. I will be painting in a two car garage that will be completely covered in drop cloth on the painting side to insure there is less crap floating around the air to get in the paint.

1. I see a lot of guys saying to use mineral spirits, #216 or #333 thinners b/c of the different drying times. I have read that 216 and "regular" mineral is the faster drying and 333 and odorless spirits are the slower. I'm assuming I should use the quicker (216 or regular spirits) because the temperature in the garage will probably be around 50-65 degrees (I'll have some type of space heater in there but nothing big).

2. I read that using a black foam brush, another roller, or a fine bristled brush (Interlux's website suggests Badger hair brushes). I'm wondering what everyone recommends because I'm leaning towards a more expensive brush like "Purdy" or maybe even the badger hair one.

3. Priming... I plan on doing some body work prior to painting and have already done a good amount (my truck is blue and black b/c of all the body work/priming, lol). So...I'm guessing I will pretty much need to prime the entire truck to get a nice even color before rolling. I was thinking about just using something cheap like rattle cans of Rusto or maybe even rolling a Rusto primer on. Any advice there?

4. Sanding... I'm certain after priming I will need to sand to get any small imperfections out. But is it necessary to sand the whole truck between every coat of paint or just the imperfections? What grit - wet/dry is recommended/have you used?

5. Post-Painting... I've read that you should wait a month or so to polish/wax your paint. I don't see a super big problem with that but I don't really see why you need to wait longer than a week or so. What have you experienced?

Thanks for all the input you can give! thumbs up

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