Wanting to paint my Mustang

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Wanting to paint my Mustang

Post by Tommy Hillbilly on October 7th 2010, 9:01 pm

Aloha. My name is Tom.

So I've got a Mustang that is several different colors, and I want to paint it. I was going to use Duplicolor spray paint, but it didn't match the car - even though I used my car's paint code to reference the paint. Then they discontinued it in the big cans. I once did a pair of car doors in black with Duplicolor truck enamel, and after sanding and buffing, they looked pretty good - good enough that people didn't believe it was spray paint.

After consideration, I would rather roll it anyway, less paint usage, no overspray, or fumes, and I would have to sand and buff a spray paint job just the same, in order to attain satisfactory results anyway.

I may use Rusto, but I'm really inclined to use the Valspar along with their hardener, if my local Tractor Supply carries it. Or if I find some marine grade paint locally, I would also strongly consider using that. Also, from reading here, I am sold on Penatrol, and will be using that, as long as whatever paint I use permits it.

I also need to choose a color. My car has the porno-red interior, so I am limited to black, white, or red. And if I stay with red, I'll have to mix it, as none of the paints I'm considering, offer my shade of dark red.

Plus, winter is coming, and I'm not sure about not waiting until it warms up.

Here are some pics of the car. Two from how it was when I got it, (ugly) and two from today, as I've been filling dings, and trying to get it ready for paint. (Still ugly)

Tommy Hillbilly
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400+ Poster!

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Re: Wanting to paint my Mustang

Post by ANeat on October 8th 2010, 10:10 am

porno-red interior
Laughing Thats hilarious

I think I would probably go with White for the paint, perhaps thrown on some red stripes to pull it all together

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