Rollin in CA

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Rollin in CA

Post by nailinmyeye on June 13th 2011, 2:05 am

Hey everyone,

My name is Casey, and I'm getting set to roll my 2001 Jetta. It is a car that I haven't wanted to put much more money into, yet after a recent run-in with a blown tire on the highway, I've had to make some repairs. I figure if I have to keep driving it for a while I might as well like how it looks. So, looking for a paint job at a discount. Heard about this method on Car Talk, and found the forum. I've been creeping around for a couple of weeks reading a ton, and I'm just about ready to get started.

I was hoping you all could give me a couple tips as I embark, however:

1) Prep work

My car has quite a bit of paint damage on the hood, top, and trunk. Here are some pictures:

What I need to know:

-How do I go about sanding these areas? Does the whole car need sanding?

-Priming - does the whole car need to be primed before rolling on?

2) Body work -

I have this one spot, on the hood, that is pretty much like there was a screwdriver sticking straight up when the hood was closed (happened before I owned the car). It is like a pimple on the hood:

Like a little mountain there. What do I do with this? My initial thought was to hit it was a grinder and fill it in. But, I know myself enough to know that my initial thoughts when it comes to most things automotive need to be triple checked.

3) Removing trim - how much of the trim do you guys remove? Like, the rubber stuff around windows and all that - tape it or remove it?

4) Inside doors - I'm going with a different color. Do you all give the same attention to the inside of the doors, etc.., as you do to the outside surface?

BTW - as for my plan - I need to do this quickly while respecting dry times. I saw a suggestion for using Japan Drier, and I will likely try that. I will be using Ace Rust Stop, as you have every color option available (they even have a silver metallic). As for everything else, I will be generally following the plan that I see repeatedly here and elsewhere.

So, can you help me get started with those questions?

I'm actually pretty excited about this!


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Re: Rollin in CA

Post by retired plumber on June 13th 2011, 11:44 pm

Hi Casey
Welcome. To fix the "little mountain" just caress it a bit with a light hammer with a dolly backup and it will go away.
All the damaged paint will have to come off of course and go back at least 4in into good paint.
I like to primer the whole car first. Dosen't have to be much, just enough to cover. That gives a solid one color base for the new paint. A couple of rattle cans should do it. If you go down to bare metal those spots need a pretty good covering tho.
I like to remove as much trim, lights, bumpers/ etc as possible. Rubber around windows will get masked.
Door jambs etc are up to you but if you use rusto (don't know about ace rust stop) you can get the same color in spray cans for that or some here use small foam brushes.
Stay excited because it helps, especially in the latter coats when it seems you are sanding forever Laughing . Just think $$$ saved, usually does it every time.
Good luck.
retired plumber
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