Newby Debating based on bottom line $$$ costs.

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Newby Debating based on bottom line $$$ costs.

Post by muskrat on August 7th 2011, 4:11 pm

Hi, I'm new to the forum, and am currently debating between valspar professional series, and brightside. I am familiar with rolled on and inexpensive paint jobs, and have been roving these types of forums when they initially crept up. In 2002 while in college I started a tiny car dealership with a friend, and we routinely had my partners brother use tractor paint back then on cheapies that needed the "mop and glow" paint job....sure did polish some turds back then.

My current project is an 03 f150 single cab long bed with 48k that I bought from a salvage auction. I'll be using it as a part time DD and a plow truck, and honestly it doesn't book high enough to warrant a traditional paint job.

I have a friend with a shop, and would be willing to try spraying since I have a gun and compressor at my disposal. However, I have been wanting to try a brightside paint job for 4 years. I have done a good old sprayed on rustoleum job back in 2007, on my 79' jeep cherokee-but I did all the prep and paid someone $150 to spray it. I don't really want to try and spray a 2 part color match urethane since any mistake would be costly. It does have the benefit of not having to paint the jambs, etc.

So, my current dilemma is choosing between valspar restoration series and brightside.

I'm tallyingup the costs between the two.

Valspar: $50 gallon, $25 hardener, $30 single use respirator= 112.35 after tax. Lower cost of paper for valspar, since rolling it on is not an option, but lets say $125 total cost.
Brightside-I'm assuming 3 quarts, so $114 for that, then I'm guessing $30 for brushes, and prob $20 in sandpaper--approx $165 total cost.

From this perspective, it looks like the valspar is the winner, and given the color options, ford blue suits me just fine. The only thing I like about the brightside, is it may very well be a better paint, and I would also have the benefit of rolling the brightside if I happen to fail miserably in my attempt to spray it on, so there's a built in insurance policy if you will with brightside......what to do......

A pic of the 79' I did in 07, and a pic of my current project below.


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Re: Newby Debating based on bottom line $$$ costs.

Post by retired plumber on August 9th 2011, 8:27 pm

If you have been wanting to try brightside for a while, go for it. There is really not that much difference in total costs, especially when you factor in a few things you didn't mention like rubbing compounds and masking tape and ............
Since you can I would spray because it it is a lot faster then rolling and then only one sanding. you might get lucky with spraying and not even have to sand and buff but again, if you bo screw up somehow you can still roll it.
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