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Post by stang_krazy on August 20th 2011, 11:41 pm

Has anybody seen or heard about this new product that retails for $99.95.

Got my new high performance pontiac october issue and on page 68 is this article about this device that can tell you how much filler is behind your paint. It tells you to place the face of the tool flat on the panel, press the button and look and listen for the results. the tool responds by lighting one of the clearly marked LEDs and with a sound that changes in pitch as the body filler gets deeper.

It's a green device that has 5 LEDs that range from 1st LED that is a check to the 2nd LED that is for a 1/16''(how much filler is on that spot) and then a 3rd which is for 1/8''(filler) and on to the 4th LED for 3/16''(filler) and the last LED that is for a 1/4'' of filler or more.

Just seen this and thought I would ask any of you if you've heard about it or might be interested in it?

Go to this website and see for yourself.

Kindly a cheesy video but it gives you an ideal how it works. Also what guy(with some common sense) will drag something/anything across your car that can and will scratch your paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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